To describe the book 'So Many Turning Points - Crorepati Turns Roadpati', there are three simple words - Honest, Intriguing and Inspirational.

Being his first book, Ashutosh Bhatia has chosen simple narrative written in colloquial style - something that naturally attracts readers.

Portions of the book may also remind you of childhood favourite- "Malgudi Days!"

Aryan, who plays the lead protagonist, reminds you of your own self at lots of instances. His impulsive nature and instant decisions that land him in trouble and then his sheer luck and honesty that pulls him through thick and thin makes it a heart-rending and curious read. Every turning point in Aryan's life will make you think: "What next? Will Aryan land in trouble again?"

For a debut writer aiming to make it big, Ashutosh Bhatia has done a fairly neat job.

Sidhi Chadha Kapoor, Assistant Editor @ India Today Group


"Excellent narration, a story that is so true for lot of strugglers in 1990s and even today."

Mukesh Gupta, Director, M.R.Morarka-GDC Rural Research Foundation


Dear Ashutosh Bhatia , Many Congrats on this very inspiring story and yet heart wrenching!!

It is Inspiring yet very real and i Hope and wish everybody reads this and learns a lesson from this story!!

SMTP will surely create a stir.

Shibani Kashyap, Famous Bollywood Singer & Lyrist


"Inspiring, relatable tale of a typical small town boy who dreams to make it big."


Manik Jaiswal / Narendar Singh, The Bookoholics


Monsoon is here and this could be the only novel in market without any F-word to adulterate your communication. Go for it.


Paritosh Louhan, Author at The India Fusion


Though the book successfully reflects the dilemma every student faces while making career choices, but the choices made are quite confusing yet shown to fare results that are exceptionally good.


The Era I lived in


So many turning points Crorepati turn Roadpati. Is an awesome book a must read! Simply written the story as such has been amazingly spun.

This web has all that it needs to entertain, teach, and make you cry. The characters are woven in a way that you can instantly connect with them. At times i can relate myself with Aaryan he seems to be a lilt' impatient and so do I ;)


Anshuma Sharma, Blogger