"Seldom is one aware what destiny holds in its closed palm. Plan your path to be the best of your ability but fate will be revealed once the hands of destiny unfold."

"Dreams you see are the steps of the ladder to your life. If you have not built any steps for yourself, you have no option but to choose from what you get on the road of life."

"The ladder of success is built one step at a time, but you cannot fight destiny and place all the steps yourself, some steps you need to build yourself while others are placed already for you."

"Bumps along the road of success are signboards which convey that your destination if closer now."

"Try and distinguish between self-will and hope. Both seem intertwined yet without your 'Will' no 'hope' can live for long."

"Success achieved is just a stopover on the journey of life. No sooner the dust settles, you will have not option but to leave the temporary shelter and move along the road."

"Somewhere some day you get a chance. The chance tests you and if you prove your worth, you succeed, the first success is just a stepping stone. Keep travelling on this road with a positive mind, work with loyalty and keep moving towards the goal. One day no destination that you choose will be beyond your reach."

"Happiness is not when your dreams come true, it is when your dreams coincide with the happiness of the people around you."

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